Italian translation of “40 years of Design Research” by Nigel Cross”

“40 years of Design Research” is a short but very informative piece by Nigel Cross (currently president of the DRS-Design Research Society, professor at the Open University, author of many books and articles). Originally written as a 2006 conference address, it has been then published in the Design Research Quarterly (the DRS official publication), where I found it some months ago. I thought that this was very well suited for my Design Methodology module on “Philosophy of Design” at NABA Media Design, and I completed the Italian translation before Christmas. Nigel has kindly given his permission for using it in teaching; he also made me smile as he replied to my final thanks commenting “how much more elegant it seems in Italian!” 😉

2 thoughts on “Italian translation of “40 years of Design Research” by Nigel Cross””

    1. I am not sure that I am entitled to put it online: the original English text is standard copyright by Nigel Cross and the Design Research Quarterly, with permission to use it free of charge for non-commercial teaching purposes (which implies a controlled distribution I guess; in fact I am going to use it at NABA). Anyhow, I will happy to send a Pdf copy to whoever is interested in (provided that she or he is going to respect the original copyright 😉

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