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The $300 Million Button and the “registration fatigue”

The $300 Million Button from Jared Spool tells the success story of a web form redesign — a huge success as it brought this additional big bunch of money to the retailer that asked for Spool’s consultancy advice. It is indeed a quite practical point in favour of good UI design, and UX design in general. It seems something still relatively new even in the very advanced US market: people get very surprised (“Spool! You’re the man!” is the message left in the voicemail by the client CEO). The post reports also about the resistance to registration before purchasing from a good number of users. This is quite interesting to me: I guess there are already a number of studies about this “registration fatigue”; but this is also part of the bigger effort of managing one’s personal identity online, especially when it comes to ecommerce: this is not about your various social networks’ identities, but your real personal information, at least for the part connected to your credit card or other payment methods. I wonder what it is the real progress and adoption of the various initiatives trying to deal with identity management in the broadest sense (open id and the likes; I have my account there obviously but I failed to take much advantage of it)